How We Do It

A Precision Guide for Advertisers

How does Precision bring you only the best leads? We have a simple, 4-step process, powered by an industrial-strength ‘adserver’ and backed by the expertise and innovation of the Cost Per Lead industry leaders.

Step 1: WebAds

Your offer appears on e-newsletters and sites within the Precision Publisher Network, chosen specifically to best match your educational offer with the appropriate audience. A linked headline and short text gives prospects enough information to make an educated choice- so when they hit our Landing Page, they’re already interested!

Step 2: The Landing Page

Clicking on the Text Ad link brings the prospect to the Landing Page we host. It is designed to maximize conversions while using screener questions to segment the respondents. When the prospect fills out the required information, they’re taken to the ‘thank you’ page where they can download your educational offer.

Step 3: The Analysis

Our system analyzes the information submitted, determining by the very criteria you have given us which are qualified and which are not. We only deliver (and you only pay for) the prospects that you want- this is a Precision Lead. You leave behind all those dead ends.

Step 4: The Delivery

We can deliver your ideal prospects to you the way you want: our system is designed to export directly to your email address at any given time- depending on your needs. Customized delivery solutions include email, FTP, or working with your existing API after you give us your specifications.